Book series “Modern Consulting technologies”

In 90th there was a lack of relevant professional literature. The project “Book series “Modern consulting technologies” became an intellectual tool for local PR, marketing, political consulting specialists. It presents a series of the best foreign materials in communications that were translated into Russian for the first time as well as series of unique native applied researches.

Here is the list of the published books:

Jean-Pierre Beaudoin “Managing of the company’s image. Public relations: the subject and skill. translated from French./p>

Bouar Philip A. “Public relations strategy or trust.” translated from French./p>

Doug Newsom, Judy Turk and Dean Kruckeberg “Everything about PR. Theory and practice of public relations”. Textbook. 7th ed. trans. from English./p>

The Manship School Guide to Political Communication edited by David D. Perlmutter. translated with English./p>

The most successful PR-campaign in the world. trans. from English./p>

«PR today: new approaches, research, international practice.” trans. from English./p>

Jean-Noel Kapferer, «Re-MARQUES. Les marques a I’epreuve de la pratique». trans. from French./p>

Seitel Fraser P. “Modern public relations.” Textbook. 8th ed. trans. from English./p>

Sitnikov AP, Gundarin MV “victory without victors” (Essays on the theory of pragmatic communication)./p>

Understanding Brands: Ten Experts Who Do by Don Cowley. Great Britain, trans. with English./p>

Creating Corporate Reputations: Identity, Image, and Performance by Grahame Dowling. Trans. from English./p>

Julian Cummins: Sales Promotion: How to Create, Implement & Integrate Campaigns that Really Work. Transl. from English./p>

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (4th Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox. Transl. from English. /p>

Chris Brown. “The sales promotion handbook”. Transl. from English. /p>

Guvakov VI, Sitnikov AP “The effect between … The metatheory consulting activities problems.”/p>